Framtidstrender Politik

AI entities given the right to vote

ÅR 2044

Framtidstrender Politik

collapse of european union

ÅR 2035

Framtidstrender Politik

Water is becoming a weapon of war

År - 2022


Trendsmapping Politik

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År 2011-2020 


  • Worsening economic crisis in Greece (2011)
  • The deadline for the Millennium Development goals (2015)
  • Gay marriage is legal in the UK (2015)
  • The European Union has been expanded (2017)
  • Norway’s Capital is permanently banning cars from its city centre (2019)
  • China just announced it is also planning a future ban on fossil fuel cars (2020)
  • France jut became the first country to ban all plastic plates, cups, and utensils (2020)
  • America’s power shift is detabilising the Asia-Pacific region (2020)
  • World oil crisis (2020)